Do Ford Dealers Install Leveling Kits? Find Out Which Dealerships Offer This Popular Upgrade!




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Yes, Ford dealers do install leveling kits. A leveling kit is a popular aftermarket modification to raise the front of a truck to match the height of the rear end.

It enhances the truck’s appearance and improves off-road capability by providing more ground clearance. While leveling kits are not typically offered as factory options, many Ford dealerships have certified technicians who can install them for customers. Installing a leveling kit at a Ford dealership ensures that the work is done correctly and with genuine Ford parts.

In addition, it may provide peace of mind as the installation is covered by the dealership’s warranty.

What Are Leveling Kits?

Leveling kits are aftermarket accessories installed on Ford vehicles to raise the front end, leveling the vehicle’s height. These kits are commonly used to enhance the appearance of trucks or SUVs and improve ground clearance. By eliminating the factory rake, leveling kits provide a more balanced look and allow for the installation of larger tires.

The kits typically include strut spacers or torsion keys, which are designed to provide the desired amount of lift without compromising the vehicle’s suspension or performance. Leveling kits are a popular choice among Ford owners who want to personalize their vehicles and enhance off-road capabilities.

However, it’s important to note that installation requirements may vary, and it’s best to consult with Ford dealers or professional technicians to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your specific Ford model.

Benefits Of Leveling Kits For Ford Trucks And Suvs

Leveling kits can be installed by Ford dealers to enhance the appearance of trucks and SUVs. These kits provide numerous benefits for Ford vehicles. Firstly, they improve the overall look of the vehicle by eliminating the factory rake and giving it a level stance.

Secondly, leveling kits offer increased ground clearance, allowing these vehicles to navigate rough terrains with ease. This improved height also contributes to better handling and stability on the road. With the installation of a leveling kit, Ford trucks and SUVs can achieve a more aggressive and powerful look, while also gaining practical advantages in terms of off-road capability.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your Ford vehicle, consider the benefits of leveling kits that can be installed by Ford dealers. Improve your vehicle’s appearance, ground clearance, and handling.

The Importance Of Professional Installation

Professional installation of leveling kits by certified Ford technicians is vital for multiple reasons. Firstly, it ensures warranty coverage, protecting your investment in case of any issues. Secondly, certified technicians have the expertise to properly install leveling kits, minimizing potential safety risks.

They have extensive knowledge of Ford vehicles, ensuring the installation process is done correctly. By trusting professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that your leveling kit is installed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. This ensures optimal performance and reduces the risk of any damage or malfunctions.

So, when it comes to leveling kits, it’s essential to rely on certified Ford technicians for professional installation. Safeguard your warranty and prioritize your safety by trusting the experts.

Ford Dealerships Offering Leveling Kit Installation

Ford dealerships offer installation services for leveling kits. When researching local Ford dealerships, it’s important to inquire about their leveling kit installation services. Make sure to check if the dealership is authorized by Ford to provide these services. Finding a dealership that offers installation services for leveling kits can provide convenience and ensure proper installation.

Whether you want to level your Ford truck for improved aesthetics or better off-road performance, choosing a reputable dealership will give you peace of mind. Additionally, authorized Ford dealerships have the expertise and knowledge to install leveling kits correctly. Don’t settle for just any dealership; take the time to find one that specializes in leveling kit installations to ensure the best results for your Ford vehicle.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Ford Dealership

When choosing a Ford dealership, it is important to consider their reputation and customer reviews. The opinions of previous customers can provide valuable insights into the dealership’s quality of service. Additionally, pricing and package options should be taken into account to ensure that they fit within your budget.

Conducting thorough research before making a decision can help you find a dealership that offers reliable services at competitive prices. By considering these factors, you can feel confident in your choice and have a positive experience when getting your Ford vehicle serviced or purchasing a leveling kit.

Trustworthy customer reviews and affordable pricing are key aspects to look for when choosing a Ford dealership.

How To Schedule An Appointment For Leveling Kit Installation

If you’re wondering if Ford dealers install leveling kits, scheduling an appointment is quite straightforward. To get started, contact the dealership directly to inquire about availability and wait times. A simple phone call or email should do the trick. Let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll guide you through the process of booking an appointment for the leveling kit installation.

The dealership will provide you with all the necessary details regarding the timing and any specific requirements. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and get your leveling kit installed with ease.

What To Expect During The Leveling Kit Installation Process

During the leveling kit installation process, you can expect a step-by-step overview of the procedure. The estimated time required will vary depending on the type of leveling kit and the mechanic’s expertise. Potential modifications may need to be made to your vehicles, such as adjusting the suspension or adding additional components.

The process typically involves lifting the vehicle, removing and replacing certain parts, and ensuring proper alignment. It is crucial to choose a reliable Ford dealer who has experience installing leveling kits to ensure a smooth and efficient installation. The goal is to achieve a leveled stance and improved ground clearance, enhancing the appearance and functionality of your vehicle.

Common Questions And Concerns About Leveling Kit Installation At Ford Dealerships

Leveling kits are commonly installed at Ford dealerships to address concerns about uneven vehicle height. Ford dealers can install leveling kits, ensuring compatibility with your vehicle’s suspension system. When it comes to warranty, you may wonder if installing a leveling kit will void it.

Rest assured, Ford-approved leveling kits will not affect your vehicle’s warranty. Furthermore, these kits are designed to maintain your vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics. If you have any concerns about compatibility or how a leveling kit may impact your vehicle’s performance, consult with your trusted Ford dealership.

Ford experts can provide you with the necessary information and address any additional questions you may have about leveling kit installation.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Do Ford Dealers Install Leveling Kits

How Much Does Ford Charge For A Leveling Kit?

Ford charges for a leveling kit varies. Please contact a Ford dealership for the exact pricing information.

Does Ford Offer A Leveling Kit?

Yes, Ford offers a leveling kit for their vehicles.

Will A Shop Instal A Leveling Kit?

Shops typically install leveling kits.

How Much Do People Charge To Install A Leveling Kit?

People typically charge varying amounts to install a leveling kit on vehicles. The cost depends on factors like the type of kit and the specific vehicle.

Are Leveling Kits Available For Ford Vehicles?

Yes, leveling kits are available for various Ford models, allowing you to enhance the suspension and achieve a more balanced look.

How Does A Leveling Kit Work On A Ford Vehicle?

A leveling kit raises the front of your Ford vehicle, leveling it with the rear, resulting in improved ground clearance and a more aggressive stance.


Finding a Ford dealer that installs leveling kits can greatly enhance your driving experience. Not only will a leveling kit improve the appearance of your Ford vehicle, but it can also provide better clearance and stability. By addressing any unevenness in your vehicle’s height, a leveling kit can optimize your suspension system and promote safer maneuverability on and off the road.

Whether you’re a fan of off-roading or simply want to give your Ford truck or SUV a more aggressive look, reaching out to your local Ford dealer is the best way to ensure a professional installation. With their expertise and access to genuine Ford parts, you can trust that your leveling kit will be installed correctly and seamlessly.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Ford dealer today and inquire about their leveling kit installation services.

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